Update on publication of defence circular

Asa Resource Group plc (in Administration)

("Asa," or the "Company")


Update on publication of defence circular

On 1 August 2017, the board of Asa announced that it had appointed Mark Skelton and Trevor Birch of Duff & Phelps Ltd as joint administrators of the Company.


As a result of Asa entering administration, its directors no longer have any executive authority to act on behalf of the Company. This means therefore that the board of Asa will not be able to comply with either Rule 25.1 of the Takeover Code which requires the board of an offeree company to send a circular to its shareholders in response to an offer made to those shareholders, or with Rule 25.2 which requires the offeree board to set out the board's opinion on the offer and the board's reasons for forming its opinions.


This announcement has been made with the consent of the Takeover Panel.



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