Health & Safety

The Group makes every effort to minimise risks by ensuring that mining operations are professional, a high level of workforce training and education is maintained, and by prompt reporting of incidents to management.



The role of the Corporate Social Responsibility and Safety, Health & Environment Committee is firstly, to review corporate social responsibility projects and budgets, and to make recommendations to the Board on the aspects of the various projects in which the Company has an interest. 

Secondly, it is the Committee's responsibility to ensure that health, safety, and environmental objectives are set and met by the Company as well as those of the various projects in which the Company has an interest. The Committee comprises at least three members. This Committee is chaired by Toindepi Muganyi with Batirai Manhando (Managing Director of BNC) and Ian Barry Dearing (Group Legal Advisor) as members. The Committee may, from time to time, invite other individuals to attend. 


Asa Resource Group plc. follows best practice in safety. The Company's approach has paid dividends at the Freda Rebecca gold mine over the past financial year and it has taken the necessary steps to ensure that the Trojan nickel mine also reaches this standard. 

The Freda Rebecca gold mine delivered an excellent safety performance of no fatalities and Lost Time Injuries (LTIs) in FY2016. The mine reached 413 LTI-free days, and a LTIFR and LTISR of 0.00, compared to a LTIFR of 0.64 and LTISR of 0.15 in the previous financial year. 

Another achievement that speaks of the Group's competence in safety is the fact that Freda Rebecca secured second place in the annual safety audit of the local Chamber of Mines in 2015.

Freda Rebecca has ranked among the top performers in safety in the Zimbabwean mining industry from 2010 to date, and the mine's latest performance once again puts the operation among the best performing mines in the country. The Group's approach to safety is based on its vision of 'zero harm' to employees, contractors, visitors and stakeholders, as well as property and equipment. To reach this goal, it maintains the world-class safety standards prescribed by OHSAS 18001 - Freda Rebecca maintains this certification and Trojan is working towards obtaining it by 2018/19.

The Group's international safety standards are implemented on a 'risk basis'. This leads it to maintain zero tolerance for 'at-risk behaviour': when legal breaches occur, work is stopped and actions are corrected.

The workforce follows the 'brother's keeper' safety philosophy, which dictates that they take responsibility for each other's safety by making their team members aware of safety breaches. These efforts are further supported by safety training and campaigns, which instil a sense of awareness in employees. 

The risk-based approach has been implemented at Freda Rebecca over the past few years and has served to realised the Group's safety objectives at the operation: reducing safety incidents, saving assets from accerlerated loss or damage, and protecting & promoting the health and safety of workers at the workplace. 

The Trojan nickel mine's safety performance didn't reflect the safety objective of 'zero harm' over the past year, but the foundation was laid for a better performance in future. One fatality and seven lost time injuries (LTIs) occured at the mine, translating to a LTISR of 1.7. 

The mine prepared the way for excellence in safety through behaviour-related safety training. The operation is also set to launch Behavioural Based Intervention (BBI) pacts in the first quarter of the 2016/17 financial year to eliminate accidents at the operation. In addition, it is implementing an integrated SHEQ system that will assist the Group in obtaining the desired OHSAS certification.


During the past financial year, the Group outsourced the running of the Trojan clinic to a medical doctor, thus ensuring that health services would be delivered efficiently to the community. The clinic was previatsed on 1st January 2016, which enabled the Group to cut costs and focus on its core business while remaining confident that the health of its employees and community would still be taken care of.

The Trojan clinic continues to render primary healthcare services to the mine's employees and their families, and the costs are covered by the staff's medical aid society. 

The Group plans to outsource the operation of the Freda Rebecca clinic, too.