We take proactive measures to conserve local biodiversity, and to re-establish habitats disrupted by vehicle movement, waste rock dumps and tailings dams.


Asa Resource Group PLC limits the impact of its operations on the environment through responsible waste disposal and prevention of pollution, and through optimising the use of resources such as water, fuel and electricity.

In all but one of our operations, internal and external environmental audits were completed and no significant non-compliances were found. Following the leach tank incident at Freda Rebecca Mine in February 2014, the mine has successfully cleaned up the pulp spillage to the satisfaction of Zimbabwe’s Environmental Management Authority. FRGM, in conjunction with EMA, has since continued to monitor the discharge levels in the drainage canal and these have now returned to acceptable levels. Proactive water quality practices at the mine have maintained its water discharge status within safe categories.

FRGM maintains ISO14001 certification for environmental practices, and continued air quality monitoring confirms that the dust generated by mining activities is in no way impacting negatively on employee or community health. The restart at BNC involves the re-establishment of sound environmental practices, including programs to reduce impacts, and the Trojan Mine aims to obtain ISO14001 certification next year.

Asa Resource Group PLC recognises its obligation to rehabilitate the sites where it has operated. In addition, financial provisions are in place for costs associated with the closure of the company’s operations in Zimbabwe and South Africa, as prescribed by local laws.