Le Badolite

The Zani-Kodo trend is post-dated by a series of late north-east trending normal faults which offset it locally, notably along the Aru River and between Badolite and Zani Central. Some 70,000m of diamond core drilling has been completed at Zani-Kodo. The average width of the shoot is 5-10m at a grade of c 4g/t at Kodo Main and 1.5-2.5g/t at Badolite and Zani Central.

The resource for Badolite (included in the total Zani Kodo resource) is as follows:


Area Cut off(g/t) Category Tonnes(t) Grade(g/t) Ounces(oz)
Badolite 0.5 Inferred 2,806,940 2.34 211,010


Following the definition of a >1Moz resource at Kodo drilling moved to the Badolite target 1.5km south of Kodo (Figure 5 and Figure 11).

Figure 11: Badolite area looking south from Kodo. A total of 46 holes for 9,001m were completed. The drilling accurately intersected the Zani-Kodo trend as predicted with mineralization present in sheared BIF’s and quartz veins (Figure 12).

Figure 13: Cross section through Badolite zone. The area is bounded to north and south by faults with a well-defined orebody present (Figure 14)

Figure 5: Zani Kodo Trend showing location of subareas and gold in soil anomaly, September 2013.

Figure 12: Drilling results, Badolite area. Drilling results are shown in (Figure 13), with the latest assay results available.

Figure 14: Oblique view of Badolite and Zani Central orebodies (0.5g/t cut off). N.B. Both open at depth. Grid squares 500m.