ASA Diamonds

The Group has an interest in three diamond assets in Africa. Of these, Klipspringer Diamond mine in South Africa is our only income producing operation. Both Société Minière de Bakwanga (MIBA) in DRC and Camafuca in Angola are exploration projects.


The DRC government owns 80% of MIBA with Asa holding 20%. MIBA has mining and exploration titles covering an area in excess of 45,000 km² and needs to partner a major diamond producer to help unlock its potential. In 2002 to 20016, MIBA produce an average of 6 million carats of diamonds per year, but operational difficulties reduced production to a point that forced the mine to be placed on care and maintenance.


The Group has a minority stake (18%) in a promising diamond asset in Camafuca, Angola. Camafuca is one of the largest known undeveloped diamond-bearing kimberlite complexes worldwide and is located in the Lunda Norte Province in northeastern Angola. It boasts an inferred resource of 23 million carats of contained diamonds. A join venture partner would allow Camafuca to continue its exploration work to improve the non-compliant resource status of its resource. Read More